Dinner with my daughter and her...friend??

Jack had beenin Italy for years He missed Lilah Like crazy, and he knew he wasn't getting any younger. He was standing in his apartment looking around at all the things he'd aquirred over the years from working for the mob, but suddenly none of it compared to everything he'd missed in his daughter's life. Like any loving father, he'd done his best to keep track of her even though he couldn't be with her. He had a whole scrap book full of photos and newspaperclippings. Even without him there she'd somehow managed to be alright and had built herself a life.

He sighed and looked at the photo of him and his wife Anna. She'd meant the world to him, and he hated that he choose his work over her and Lilah. Jack had told himself too many times to count that he'd left to keep them safe. Now that Anna could no longer remember him or her own daughter, and Lilah'd been through hell and back, Jack couldn't help feel like he'd failed his girls.

He packed a few suitcases and took one last look around the apartment before leaving on the next flight to Montana. He tried to think of what to say to Lilah the whole flight and car ride to her house. On the flight nothing he'd come up with sounded right. And on the car ride he was lost in meromries and mistakes he'd made that came flooding back. The song that was playing he thought summed up his relationship with Lilah perfectly. It was "Broken Bridges.

He'd gotten information from an informant,that Lilah was staying in a small town in Montana. It turned out at the moment she was attending a dinner with the friend. He decided to go to the place where she was having the dinner, and hope for the best.

He sighed as the car finally arrived at the house,he took a deep breath and got out of the car. "Here goes.." He muttered as he walked up to the door and rang the bell. He just hoped that she'd at the very least listen to him, before shutting him out of her life forever.

((Open for Lindsey and Lilah))
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In Over our heads?

It'd been a month and I'd agreed to let Lindsey parents come visit first, then my mother and uncle could visit after that. I wanted at least a month’s break in between the two visits though, which he'd also agreed to. So far things were going great I'd gotten bored living in Providence and moved in with Lindsey in New York. I'd quit my job in Providence and was able to get a job at Lindsey's old firm. Things couldn't be going better for me, Lindsey, and his restaurant. I was busy in the apartment trying to straighten up before his parents arrived. They weren't due in for at least an hour yet, but I was nervous as all hell about meeting them. I was terrified that they wouldn't like me that they'd tell Lindsey he was making a huge mistake, that we didn't belong together. Lindsey was busy working on things at the restaurant, he'd said he'd pick his parents up from the airport, and then come here. So I finished cleaning while I waited in an attempt to help keep myself calm, before changing my outfit seven times.
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I Must Be Dreaming

Sitting on the couch with Lilah I couldn't believe my luck. I'd actually managed to keep the interest of Lilah Morgan and she had told me she loved me. I couldn't explain the excited content in my heart. Isabella made the comment that Lilah made my powers go wild but the truth was her presence actually calmed me and made things easier. I knew nothing was official, other than her declaration of love, and there was a long road ahead of us. Lilah's past would influence certain things and I hoped to not be compared to her college sweetheart. From what I scrapped up about him he seemed like an overly good guy; handsome, wealthy, and caring. At times I worried that Lilah would freak out later on down the line and leave me with a gaping hole in my already tender heart. But other times I was sure she wouldn't, she wanted love just as the next person maybe even more, she just didn't know about how to act in a serious relationship perhaps.
The t.v. was on but I barely payed attention to it because of the beauty snuggled into my side with her head on my shoulder. I pulled her against me a  little closer and kissed her hair when her arms wrapped around me tighter. Looking to the ceiling I thanked whoever was up there for the chance to love again.
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Going Home

It wasn't long before Lindsey and I had packed up everything and were on a plane home. About four hours later we made it back to his apartment in New York. As we walked into his apartment I set my bags down and fell into his over stuffed sofa. "God that was the trip from hell.." I sat there for a few moments before getting up and getting a drink from his bar. As I was doing that Lindsey went to unpack his things. I took my drink and walked back over to the sofa, just as there was a knock on the door. I set my drink down and went to answer the door. Standing there was Lindsey's neighbor Carmen. I sighed and moved away from the door, without saying a word to her. If she wanted to come in to see Lindsey that was fine, but it didn't mean I had to talk to her. I sat back down on the sofa and took a few sips of my drink. Lindsey was still upstairs unpacking and doing god knows what else. "He's upstairs unpacking" Was all I said to Carmen, without looking at her.
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With great power comes great responsibility

When italy man copy shoved past me I wanted to break his neck. Taking a deep breath I allowed him to get Lilah's things. She was a grown woman who knew her way around. If she wanted to spend the day with some stranger she was allowed. The man grumbled a little request and I rolled my eyes.
"Like he could keep me from her if he wanted.", I retorted before slamming the door in his face. Turning to look out the window I watched the sun rise. It filled the room, warming my skin. Closing my eyes I relaxed my mucles. I could hear, feel, and taste the air around me. My hightened senses were so new I was surprised that they didn't scare me. I was confused at the fact I was handling such power so well. My parents didn't know where they were from. Both of their families had been in American for so long they'd forgotten what country thier ancestors had originated. Grabbing my phone I dialed a number. It rang a few times then a soft accented voice answered."Isabella, can I ask you something?"
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Something's Gotta Give...

I sighed as I looked around the small street where we had parked. I loved it here it was so beautiful. I was just leaning against the car eyes closed just enjoying the night air, when I felt a small ripple go through the air. I opened my eyes and saw a man in a dark suit standing across the street from me. He didn't move or anything he just stood there staring at me. I thought for a second that I'd seen his eyes flash red, but I shrugged it off blaming the booze. I then turned around and tried to get the car open. I wondered where Lindsey was and what was taking him so damn long. Just when I was about to go back inside for him, the guy in the dark suit was suddenly next to the car. "How did you..weren't you just over there?" I motioned to across the street at the club. He just smiled erriely at me, before speaking. "We know how to find you, you should've known better than to try and run.. Lilah we need you back." He didn't say much more due the fact that he saw Lindsey. I folowed his gaze, but when I turned to face him again, he was gone. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. I got into the car just after I saw Lindsey crosing the street to the car.
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Romantic Getaway

Before I knew it I was on a plane sitting in first place with Lilah right next to me. When I brought up Lilah's idea to leave for the weekend Antonio practically packed for me. He said that she was the perfect thing I needed in my life. The native Italian was even more for the idea when I told him where we were going. Driving me to the airport he'd given me a list of restaurants to eat and sites to see. I hadn't been out of the country in years, my accent when speaking other languages were horrible and despite my skill of hiding my country accent haunted me. 
Shockingly, Lilah's Italian was pretty fluent and we had no problem making our way to the hotel. Walking in I stared in amazement. I knew Lilah only accepted the best but the view of the Milan was breathtaking. It was times like that my small town background showed greatly. If it was a business trip I'd easily be able to cover my astonishment but I felt no need to mask my true emotion with Lilah. I hoped that the weekend would be a good time to maybe talk about the subject of us or lack there of.
"It's beautiful here.", I whispered as I made my way to Lilah.
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Things Change..

It'd been three months since I fist flew to New York city to see Lindsey. Since then we'd made arrangements to have lunch twice a month. We alternated between my place in Providence and his place in Manhattan. since I went back to my life in Providence Marcus had transfered to another branch in Rome. Over the last few lunches with Lindsey it was becoming clear that I couldn't continue to be friends with him forever. It felt great being with him, I could be myself and it didn't matter.

I'd finished up all my work for the day and double checked the clock. I had about an hour to change and get on the next flight to see Lindsey for our regular lunch date. Shortly after taking the plane to New York city I got off and took a cab up to Lindsey's apartment on the upper east side. I paid the cabbie and got out of the cab. I then walked into the apartment complex and up to Lindsey's apartment. I knocked on the door and waited for him to answer.
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I Missed You

After more small talk and dinner we were sitting in the booth listening to the soothing sounds of Italian guitars. Most of the customers had gone, leaving Lilah and I alone with the workers who were cleaning up. Her Chanel perfume filled my nose, bringing up memories of a past I tried to let go of every day. I turned to look at the beauty next to me; striking features, radiating confidence, and essence of a true woman. My eyes were stuck on her. I was sure she felt me staring but just decided to ignore it. Subconsciously I was telling myself that I wouldn't look for long but I couldn't examine the changes over a year. She wasn't the broken woman I bumped into at the bar but yet she wasn't the ice queen I'd known in LA. Lilah was somewhere in between; a place where maybe she'd allowed herself some peace and possible even happiness. She turned to stare back into my own eyes and I didn't flinch. Narrowing my view I tried with all my heart and soul to look into her. I was searching for the secret; that thing that I could do to make her fall in love the way I had. She was right, I am a romantic but the difference between me and most others is that I'm not hopeless. I believed that with perservence and dedication she would see that I was 'The One'. And if not then I could always say 'at least I tried'.The guitar was replaced by saxophones and I stood, extending my hand. She took it and I inhaled her scent glad that I had her all to myself. Feeling her weight against me, her skin against mine, I went back in time to that morning after.
"I missed you Lilah."
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Always something there to remind me...

It'd been an entire year since I walked out of the that charming little ranch house in Montana. I'd pulled out of Lindsey's dirt driveway and only looked back twice as I drove away. At the time I had no idea where I wanted to go so I went back to LA. I'd spent about a week there and I'd run into Wes who looked like he'd seen a ghost. We had coffee and talked which ended in a screaming match. Shortly after screaming at him that I wished he'd died I left LA for good. I filled up the gas tank and grabbed all the money I had and just drove. I stopped at a few places along the way. At one point I'd stopped at a charming little bed and breakfest in Conneticut, I thought about staying in the quiet little town until I realized it was way to stepford like for me. So I evenutally ended up in Providence Rhode Island. I bought a small apartment by the ocean and found a job as a defense attorney again. They'd hired me on the spot after seeing who my former employers were. It didn't take me long to rise up in the firm, before I'd made junior Partner and had my own spacious corner sixth floor office. My co-workers were alright,but I missed the literal die hard competition a little.

As for my lovelife I didn't really have much of one. I'd dated around a little, but nothing too serious. That is until Marcus Ranaldy started working at the office. He was everything a girl could ever want in a man. He'd spent three months trying to win me over to no avail. He assured me that he always got what he wanted, and after endless days of being showered with rosses, lilacs, lillies, diamonds, perfume, and clothes he finally won me over. It wasn't a completely serious thing, but he did see me on a fairly regular basis.

He kept hinting that he wanted more from me as far as commitment and I explained why I couldn't and he didn't seem to care at least for now. After my explanation he'd stopped asking me if he could move into my spacious two bedroom apartment. Although he was there almost every night, when he wasn't away on a business trip.

Being with Marcus kept me in blue boxes and my lavish lifestyle, but it didn't make me happy. If anything most days lately it made me miss Lindsey. Marcus was great when it came to showering me with gifts, compliments and dinners ordered out, but he couldn't cook to save his life. And the sex was good,but it wasn't the same. I missed Lindsey like crazy lately. All I had was one picture of the two of us on our business trip to Lake tahoe. back when he wanted me, and spent the majority of the trip trying to get me drunk enough to sleep with him. I kept the silver framed photo in the closet in my bedroom. Marcus knew me by reputation only, and never asked about my past He was the overly jealous type though. He'd almost put one guy in the hospital just for talking to me. I'd told him a thousand times over that I wasn't his damn property and we weren't that deathly serious, it had shut him for a good while.

I was in my office working on some paperwork, when my assistant Bradley buzzed the intercom. "Ms. Morgan there's an order here for you.." I hit the intercom button on my phone. "Send it in Bradley" I clicked off the intercom button and went back to my papers.

(Open to Lindsey)
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